• Purchase Procedure - 13/06/2012



     Buying property in Turkey is a straight forward process, and often easier than in other European countries.

    1. Once you have seen a property in Turkey that you would like to purchase you will need to pay a deposit, usually 10% of the purchase prıce, to secure your purchase.  This can be paid by cash or you can transfer funds directly to a bank account – N.B. personal cheques are not accepted by banks here in Turkey. The exact figure will be agreed and confirmed individually with the house owner at the time of purchase. When the deposit has been paid a receipt is given and the amound received is written into the contact.

    2. You will need to have your passport with you, also 8 Photographs we be required; we will help you to get these (approx. £4 for 12 photos).

    3. We do conveyancing as part of our services, we carry out the buyer’s conveyancing searches and draw up a legally binding contact between vendor and buyer and oversee all paper work throughout.  If you wish to employ a solicitor to do this work for you, we can help you find one.

    4. Next, you will need to go (we will accompany you) to the Notary's office to sign a document to give your agent power of Attorney for the property only. This will enable your agent to buy a property in your name and also arrange for the essential facilities e.g. electricity, water, telephone etc.  This document helps us to sort out the paper work on your behalf whilst you are not abşe to be present.  (This will take about 1 hour)

    5. Then an application has to be made to the military to approve the sale.  The military check that the property is not in a politically sensitive area (e.g. overlooking an army camp) and that the buyer has no criminal record in their home country.  The approval process is a formality that must be undertaken rhis generally takes about 6-8 weeks and it will be forwarded back to the local Land Registration office who, in turn contact your agent.

    Your agent will advise you of this upon completiıon. At this time you will need to pay the final balance due and purchase tax on the declared price of the property.
    Upon receipt of this we can then sign for and collect your title deed (TAPU) from the Land Registration office in your name.


     On top of the purchase price there are some additional costs be as follows;

    • 3% estate agency fee (of the property price) 
    • Purchase tax on the declared price of the property. 
    • 2.300TL for military approval process (approx  £830 depending on exchange rate fluctuation) 
    • If you wish to get a solicitor; expect fees about  £500 
    • It is compulsory to have earthquake insurance and we recommend you take out Full insurance home and contents cover as soon as the house is registered in your name.(the cost of this varies depending on the value of the property, it's contents for the number of months it will be occupied.) Approximately £150 
    • Notaries charge approximately £100

    If you have any question about purchasing, please do not hesitate to contact us.