To whom it may concern

 In early 2010 we had purchased 500 sq.mtrs of land and we were looking to build a new home for ourselves to live here in Dalyan. 

 We chose Baran of Golden Homes to manage our project, this proved to be a most excellent choice as he made every step of the process easy for us.  Not only did he accompany us throughout the complex procedure and paperwork, he was our guide, project manager and translator, nothing was too much trouble for him and our build proceeded without any major problems, a few minor ones were dealt with immediately and efficiently.  Whatever we wanted was sourced and implemented, above all else we wanted a home for all seasons.  Our build was completed in May 2011 exactly on time as promised.

 What we now have is a unique home in a design that has Ottoman inspired features, it is both stunningly beautiful and has a modern practical interior.  The high quality of workmanship, attention to detail and excellence of the finish exceeded our expectations. 

 It is our pleasure to give them our recommendation for the friendly high quality service and expertise that we received from Baran and his employees. 



To Whom It May Concern,

Our Story, we came on holiday to Dalyan on March 2012.  A simple Journey to the bank to draw some cash, turned into a Major, Major issue for us, the bank cashier said “your bank accounts have been frozen for non payment of taxes”, we were told to go to Ortaca tax office.
I did not sleep for 2 nights with worry before our appointment, I never told Patsy as I did not what to worry her as well.  We need a Translator, Baran from Golden Homes came to the tax office with us, the tax office man told Baran our taxes had not been paid by our Management Company Agent for 3 years, what a shock!, My Heart rate & blood pressure went up very quickly, Baran assured me he could sort it out for us (A) he translated all the facts as the tax man was talking, (B) came up with a plan to resolve the issue for us & tax office (as we were getting tax interest by the day on 3 years back tax), (C) help us get new accountants so we are never in this position again. The issue was resolved in days, instead of months by Baran’s help. We are very grateful for all his kind help.

Golden Homes also arranged for a new hot water tank on our roof & Jacuzzi to be fixed as that had a water leak, workmen came round on the Saturday, fitted and all done on Monday.  All the jobs were done successfully.  No fuss No drama, we normally receive from our agent.

The pressure was on as our 1st Guests for 2012 were arriving Friday p.m., a director & her family from a Plant Farm agency in the UK.  They had a great holiday while at our Villa.


A fantastic job done!  We would recommend Baran 100% for all his help on the above experiences.


Kind regards,
Michael & Patsy Walker